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Q: How do I know if I am being taught by a good comedian?
The best way is to feel confident in your teacher is to Google them. Watch them perform and then make your mind up before you start handing over money - The Comedy Course is taught by professional comedians. All the teachers we use are full time professional performers.
If you can't find a video of your teacher performing then I would be tempted to wonder why.

Q: Does The Comedy Course book comedians?
A: The Comedy Course 6 week stand up comedy course runs in parallel with Joke Klub. Joke Klub is one of the premiere providers of comedians in The country. Our six week course will culminate in a live end of course show in a Joke Klub club venue. Joke Klub runs venues all over the South East and is always looking for newer comics to fill some of he shorter spots. If you feel comfortable after your course and would like to do some gigs we are happy to offer spots, to those that are ready, in many of our clubs. All of the acts that work for us will be paid - even they are an open spot.

Q: Do we have to pay to perform?
A: Absolutely not. The showcases are completely free for graduates of our 6 week course. We work with Joke Klub, and anyone who shows promise may even be offered work on the Joke Klub circuit. Demanding money to "let" you to perform - sometimes known as "Pay to Play" is a very shocking modern development . We are old fashioned enough to believe this is totally unethical. With our Joke Klub shows all the open spots we use that have done our showcase will get paid.
In short - if someone has the cheek to ask for money in order to let you do a show - walk out the door.

Q: What's TV Warmup all about?
A: The Comedy Course works in conjunction with TV Warmup one of the largest agencies for warm up artists in the country.
TV warmup is probably one of the most lucrative areas where live stands ups may find themselves working.
In truth it is a specialised field that requires very specific skills. It is an area however where the fees are high and the work quite plentiful if you are good at it.
Working as we do with TV Warmup we are always ready to help any students that have a flair for this and consider them for the agency.
We are very pleased to announce that Miles Crawford will be doing some workshops on this very topic
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The Comedy Course teacher Dave Thompson is featured in Trivial Pursuits